Top Tips When Building Your Home

Building a home is no easy task. However, it allows you to customise the house to suit your tastes and family needs. Below is a short guide on some considerations to make before commencing your construction project.

Building Design

Some of the factors that will influence the building design include the following: 

  1. Industry trends. Modern living designs incorporate open living rooms and kitchens, outdoor living areas such as balconies and decks and beautiful landscapes. Most homes have rectangular shapes and flat roofs.
  2. Energy efficiency. The house might have large windows, skylights, sliding glass doors and insulation.
  3. Intended use. For instance, how many bedrooms do you need? How large should the living room and kitchen areas be? If you intend to earn extra income by hosting guests, you may have separate quarters.
  4. Zoning laws might prohibit the height of your building, while resident association bylaws may influence the design.    


Your building blueprints will need approval from the local council. You may also need extra permits to install gas, power and water on the plot of land. Hire a certifier to supervise the builder's work. He or she will ensure that the work complies by the building code. Furthermore, the certifier will provide a permit you can use in the future to prove the building is safe to live in.


Financing is probably the most stressful aspect of building a home. Ask a quantity surveyor to prepare a quote of the materials and cash you need to complete the project. With inadequate funds, you could conduct the project in phases. Alternatively, you could take a construction loan from your bank. A mortgage broker can help negotiate interest rates and repayment terms. 


Your choice of builder must have adequate experience in building similar structures. Conduct some research to examine his or her work ethic. For instance, you should avoid builders that do not meet client deadlines or that abandon projects halfway. The builder should have a licence to work in your locality. Affiliation with professional bodies is a guarantee for quality services. The builder and any subcontractors should have general liability insurance. 

Most people leave most of the work to their builder and architect. However, it is always advisable to supervise the works. Compare the blueprints against what is at the site. You could ask for minor changes if you think what is on-site does not serve your needs.

When building your home, examine the building design, apply for permits, evaluate your finances and choose an appropriate builder. Contact a building service today to get started on your project.

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